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We bring practical knowledge and application of Australian accounting and taxation principles in small business operations. Offering new software and emerging applications of all cloud based systems.

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There are now some serious choices for small business bookkeeping software. MYOB's dominance for so many years is being challenged by the current rise of Xero. 

Then there's Déjà vu for those of us who've been around long enough to remember one of the original players, QuickBooks. With the advancement of technology, our team has dedicated their time and skills to managing business finances through integrated apps. Focusing away from Quickbooks and more towards the new integrated apps.

There's plenty of comment on the pros and cons of these accounting software providers, which versus which is better for you and your business. What's important is the effect and changes that they've made for business accounting and those in the profession and where this is heading in the future. The beauty and benefit software providers have brought is that they've cut down the time and space (and places) that was in the past required for the job. Allowing the role of bookkeeping to change from specialized areas to encompassing the whole financial management role.

Cloud-based technology will see accounting packages being delivered as a service rather than a product new developments in software and internet communications are changing the delivery, understanding and sharing of this information which will become the new focus for small business.

The key benefits to this;

  1. Access to information anywhere and the time you connected to the internet.

  2. Cost savings on infrastructure means you'll no longer need a dedicated computer or server space for software. Less hardware and less space. Outsourcing the accounts role and employment costs.

  3. Greater flexibility to add users and modules as your business grows. Collaboration with users will begin to revolutionize how the accounting, bookkeeping, and data management roles are fulfilled from jobs to budgeted tasks. A small business won't be restricted by cost to look for the cheapest solution but the smartest team (user) solution that fills the current need.

  4. Scalability that can be achieved with more flexible use of resources means businesses can add higher accounting functions to their business as they need or budget back costs.

  5. continuous product updates. Meaning you'll no longer wait till your licence subscription is due to get the latest version. You don't have to worry about compliance updates for tax changes.

  6. Guaranteed data backups mean you never need to worry about hardware failures or other catastrophes. 


At the core of all the software packages are simple accounting principles which fundamentally are black and white mathematics. And understanding and getting this right is equally as important as the choice of software you chose to start with or move to.

Asking and getting good independent advice will not only give you valuable insight and understanding into the requirements of bookkeeping for your business. A will also ensure that your software is set up properly with a built-in capacity for expanding the functions available beyond simple tax compliance. So the reporting capabilities built into these programs can be taken advantage of as part of your overall business system and planning.

MYOB is the market leader in accounting software for small business and due to its popularity and endurance, it's been adopted by account departments and bookkeepers all over Australia. All of the accounting department functions in one place in a software system that's logical and easy to navigate. For bookkeepers and bookkeeping service providers it's been the solid reliable cornerstone of the profession. Providing a safe reliable solutions with good reporting, compliance updates and The MYOB help service is a valuable resource for their software and accounting functions.  MYOB's advantages are its tried and tested familiarity. You get to own your software. Offline there's no internet dropout. And it sticks close to its core accounting function.

Xero's been likened to the Apple of accounting software. The system has a more user-friendly feel for anyone new to or unfamiliar with accounting processes. The live bank feeds for a small business with an uncomplicated structure are a great time saver. The reports are perhaps one of the biggest leaps forward allowing a greater level of customization. Xero's has taken the basic bookkeeping software and delivered this on a cloud-based platform that encourages better communication and understanding. Engaging businesses to look at the next level of understanding in their business performance by presenting information and reports in a more accessible format. Opening opportunities to better integration and collaboration within a business.  


Before you invest in accounting software ask us how you can save money by outsourcing your bookeeping and not have to pay for software.

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